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June 2017

Rotomolding - New Application for Green Polyethylene by Braskem

Braskem recently presented a new application for Green Polyethylene. The compound of renewable origin can be used soon in the process of transformation into rotomolding. 


 By identifying a market demand for a more sustainable solution in rotomolded products, the petrochemical company worked on the development of a resin that allowed, from the rotomolding, producing parts for general-purpose applications, ranging from toys and furniture to utensils for industry agricultural.


Soon, these products may contain more than 50% of Green Plastic in its composition. This training, which can be signaled to the final consumer with the I'm greenT label, 


Gustavo Sergi, director of Braskem's Renewable Chemicals, said, "The new compound for rotomolding is another step from Braskem towards a more robust, efficient and sustainable portfolio at the disposal of our partners.”

In February 2017, with an investment of R $ 1.7 million, Braskem inaugurated in the Center of Technology and Innovation of Triunfo (RS) a complete rotomolding laboratory including a Rotoline machine of commercial size. 


Fabiano Zanatta, leader of the company's rotomolding segment, reinforced, "With the added value will be possible to develop new solutions for the market with a focus on greater diversification of applications and to be ahead in innovation in this segment


Green Plastic

  • The Green Polyethylene I'm greenT is made from ethylene obtained from sugarcane.
  • Its great differential is contributing to the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, since it captures carbon dioxide during its production process. 
  • It also has the same characteristics of traditional polyethylene, that is, does not require adaptations of machinery and is 100% recyclable. 
  • Braskem's Green Plastic plant has a production capacity of 200 thousand tons per year. 

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