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May 2017

FKuR adds two injection molding grades to its Biograde portfolio of bioplastics

The bioplastics specialist FKuR Kunststoff GmbH of Willich, Germany has extended its product range of cellulose acetate based injection molding grades. In addition to the current standard grade, C9550, this portfolio now also includes the new grades Biograde® C 5509 CL and C 5508, which are both based on a newly developed combination of raw materials and additives.


Along with other benefits, their ASTM D 6866 bio-based content [BCC] has been increased from 50% to over 65%. Both grades can be easily processed with short cycle times on standard injection molding machines with universal screws, even in multi-cavity molds.


The cellulose used for Biograde® originates from sustainable forestry wood, tropical wood is not used.


The transparent Biograde® C 5509 CL is thermally stabilized resulting in a Vicat A softening temperature of 100 °C and a heat distortion temperature (HDT B) of 80 °C. As a result of its high melt flow index (MFR: 40 to 56 g/10 min [230 °C/5 kg]), Biograde® C 5509 CL is suitable for the production of components with thin wall thicknesses and long flow paths. With the appropriate masterbatch, it can also be colored easily.


If opaque or translucent components are required, FKuR alternatively offers Biograde® C 5508. This translucent cellulose compound has a lower MFR (18 to 25 g/10 min [230 °C/5 kg]) when compared to C 5509 CL and is preferred for smaller and thicker-walled injection-molded parts.


All Biograde® compounds from FKuR are characterized by their high stiffness, tensile and impact strength as well as a pleasant surface finish. Typical application areas include injection molded engineering parts, e. g. for the electronics and appliance industry, as well as consumer products such as toothbrushes, ball-point pens or cutlery.


All grades are free from harmful plasticizers and suitable for food contact according to EN 10/2011 and FDA as well as for the production of children's toys (EN 71-3).

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