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April 2017

Cimatron signs CDG as sole partner for U.K. Market

Dirk Dombert, VP of Sales at Cimatron, 3D Systems, announced CDG as the sole partner for Cimatron software in the U.K. CDG will be offering new and existing customers with software licenses, support and maintenance. 


Cimatron software is the leading CADCAM solution for Mould and Die Design including NC programming. Cimatron imports CAD files from all the leading CAD packages, as well as formats such as STL.


The core software engine uses a modern parametric model tree for hybrid modelling using B-Reps (fast and interactive boundary representation coding). The tool design is highly automated for maximum productivity.


Cimatron 13 includes many new features and capabilities such as: A fully redesigned user interface that is faster to use, and easier to learn and customize; A broad range of new CAD for tooling functionalities for faster design, including direct modeling, new mesh operations with hybrid modelling capabilities and enhanced assembly functions; Boosted drafting capabilities including the dynamic creation of multiple views and the ability to create shaded views.


It also features: New mold-design applicative tools including gates design for a more streamlined design process and conformal cooling tools for the easy design of Cimatron™ 13 features a new user interface that is faster to use and easier to customize; Separate environments for progressive- and transfer-dies for quick design of any die type;  Smart electrode mirroring tools and hybrid design environments for accelerated electrode design with automated solid tools.


Other features include: A new plate machining solution that provides a complete set of capabilities for fast, efficient and automated programming of mold- and die-plates;  New measurement on CNC machines to define the measurement probing cycle in the NC environment, allowing validation of the machining process while the part is on the machine; New and improved NC programming capabilities for milling and drilling to boost programming automation in rough, finish and 2.5 axis operations;  Concurrent design and manufacturing environment, enabling multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously.

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