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Managing Editor  | June 2017

Boundary Breaker has the potential to boost plastic recycling

Ecopuro, based in Denver, Colo., recently announced the development of a structural particle that it claims will break down and scatter contaminants, boost throughputs, and disperse other additives when added to a recycled plastic melt stream, according to a recent report by Resource Recycling.



Boundary Breaker could prove to be a breakthrough for plastics recycling.
(Wikimedia Commons)


Boundary Breaker, which was initially created seven years ago and has been used commercially for the past four years (although not yet by recycling companies), is expected to reduce the cost of recycling plastics and also improve the properties of products made from recycled plastics.


It is a chemically inert, nano- or micro-sized particle that the company described as “millions of rolling and tumbling mixing blades.” By using Boundary Breaker at concentrations of 0.25-5.0 percent of the total weight of the plastic and additives, recyclers do not need to use chemical reactions and are not limited by thermoplastic chemistry.


Ecopuro insists that Boundary Breaker will increase the dispersion of dissimilar polymers in post-consumer melt, chops up contaminants and improves the dispersion of additives. By making the contaminants smaller and evenly dispersed, Boundary Breaker will improve the appearance and physical properties of end products.


The article explained, “Boundary Breaker converts static friction to kinetic friction, which reduces the energy required to move melt through equipment. By decreasing the resistance to flow – essentially serving the same role sand does on a shuffleboard table – Boundary Breaker can increase throughput by up to 30 percent during both extrusion and injection molding.”


The company also insisted that Boundary Breaker is safe for equipment and for plastics that will be used in contact with drinking water or food.

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