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Managing Editor  | March 2017

German engineering company adopts 3-D printing tech for injection molds

Hahn-Schickard, a microsystems engineering company based in southwest Germany, has turned to a Prodways ProMaker L5000 3-D printer and its PLASTCure Rigis 10500 resin to integrate 3-D printing into its injection molding manufacturing processes.



Hahn-Schickard is using Prodways 3-D prining technology to make molds for injection molding. (Group Gorgé)


According to a press release from the Group Gorgé, Prodways parent company, Hahn-Schickard will use the 3-D printer to quickly produce custom injection molds for prototyping and small series tools. This is a change from the typical process that requires molds be compose of machined metal (stainless steel or aluminum), which is costly in terms of time and money.


The press release continued, “With the development of the new high-resistance resin, PLASTCure Rigid 10500, combined with the high precision of MOVINGLight® technology, Hahn-Schickard is using ProMaker L5000 to produce mold prototypes or very small series tools. Engineers have more freedom to optimize and accelerate the design of the injection parts.” 


Incorporating 3-D printing will make the creation of custom molds twice as fast as previous methods and the molds have higher resistance to injection pressure and temperature, which has allowed Hahn-Schickard to inject more than 100 parts per mold with high-performance thermoplastics.


“Hahn-Schickard is able to print various iterations of an injection mold in a very short time, allowing for testing and revising of prototypes and speeding up the time-to-market of its customer products,” the release added.

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