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Managing Editor  | March 2017

Nestle and Danone partnering on sustainable water bottle

Swiss foodstuffs company Nestlé Waters recently announced that it was partnering with French rival Danone and California-based biotech startup Origin Materials  to develop a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottle from 100 percent sustainable and renewable resources.



Nestlé and Danone have partnered to create the NaturALL Bottle Alliance. (YouTube)


The agreement is part of the NaturALL Bottle Alliance, which uses biomass feedstocks similar to th9ose used in cardboard to create PET for the bottles. The companies have also agreed to share this breakthrough across the industry to make a dent in the tons of plastic bottles that end up in landfills each year.


It is also part of Nestlé’s mission to achieve zero environmental impact by 2030.


In the NaturALL Bottle Alliance, Nestlé and Danone will provide technical support, resources, manpower, and financial support to Origin Materials, located in Sacramento, to improve the startup’s process, which has already demonstrated 80 percent bio-based PET samples and will begin production of 5,000 metric tons of 60 percent bio-based PET as early as 2018.


According to the notice from Nestlé, “Thanks to their complementary skills and shared vision, the NaturALL Bottle Alliance aims to develop the process for producing at least 75% bio-based PET plastic bottles at commercial scale as early as in 2020, scaling up to 95% in 2022. The partners will continue to conduct research to increase the level of bio-based content, with the objective of reaching 100%.”


This announcement comes in the wake of similar proclamations by the likes of Coca-Cola Company and other global leaders that plastics recycling and sustainability will be a major focus of operations in the near future.


An article on EnvironmentalLeader.com detailed some of those steps forward. It said, “Last summer Toyota Tsusho, the Toyota Group’s trading arm, invested an undisclosed amount in sustainable technology company Anellotech, which is working to make 100 percent bio-based PET plastic.


“And in 2015, Coca-Cola and Virent produced the world’s first PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant materials — but at demonstration scale. Coca-Cola has been producing partially bio-based PlantBottle since 2009, a product comprised of 30 percent plant materials.


“The news comes as PepsiCo and biotechnology leader Danimer Scientific have also announced an agreement to develop biodegradable film resins that will help the beverage giant meet its sustainable packaging goals.”


Watch the following video to learn more about the NaturALL Bottle Alliance:

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