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  • Polymer film created that can transfer heat from batteries and processors

    Scientists have developed a thin, flexible device from an electrocaloric polymer film that can be used to transfer heat from batteries or processors and has a number of potential applications. details>>
  • Researchers create flexible joining machine to combine plastic welding processes

    German plastics joining equipment supplier Fischer Kunststoff-Schweibtechnik GmbH investigated the possibility of building a modular, flexible, plastics joining center with interchangeable plastics welding modules. details>>
  • Plastics eMarket Tip of the Week: Proper Usage Temperature for PVC

    Kamweld Product Manager Len Alter is back to share his experiences and this week he discusses the importance of considering the proper usage temperature for PVC and other plastics. details>>
  • Researchers create first material with shape memory behavior

    A team of researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have successfully 3-D printed composite silicon materials that are flexible, stretchable, and have shape memory behavior. details>>
  • PVDF integrated with glass fibers to create stronger fluoropolymer

    Arkema, Inc., a chemicals and advanced materials company headquartered in France, has released information about its work to reinforce polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) with glass fibers to provide a stronger, stiffer, and higher temperature-resistant material. details>>
  • Nanoparticles with Playdough and Lego traits combined into tiny building blocks

    Chemists from New York University (NYU) in Manhattan have created patchy particles with traits of popular childhood building blocks Playdough and Legos that self-assemble to create structures that are only 1/200th the width of a human hair. details>>
  • Researchers develop novel process for converting biomass at low temperatures

    Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy Ames Laboratory (Iowa) have developed a novel process for decomposing and stabilizing lignin chains that does not require high heat or high pressure. details>>
  • Article explains importance of power quality to plastic manufacturing

    Rial Williams recently published an article on Plastics Technology about the importance of maintaining power quality to avoid device malfunctions and the costs that coincide with operation down times. details>>
  • Compostable biomaterial could replace petroleum-based plastic laminates

    Researchers have developed an inexpensive biomaterial from treated cellulose and chitosan, which is a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic barrier coatings in packaging. details>>
  • With help from nanoparticles, engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum

    HRL Laboratories, LLC (Malibu, Calif.) recently announced that it made a breakthrough in metallurgy and have developed a process to 3-D print high-strength aluminum alloys. details>>
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